Apartment Christine 3 close to the beach
Apartment Christine 3 close to the beach
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Welcome to Apartment Christine 3, a chic and adorned dwelling nestled in the heart of Umag, Croatia. Located at Zadarska ulica 7, this apartment is a perfect haven for couples and solo travelers alike, providing optimum comfort for up to two guests. As you step into this sumptuous haven, you'll be taken in by the charm and intimate ambience. The apartment, designed with an open-plan style, compromises one luxurious bedroom. Here, you'll find an elegant, comforting design, perfect to rest and rejuvenate after a day of exploration. The single bathroom showcases modern design and functionalities, tailored to accommodate all your needs - from a soothing bath in the spacious tub to quick showers in the morning. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate any pets in the apartment, ensuring this environment remains allergen-free for our guests. Despite no dedicated garage or parking spaces, exploring Umag is made easy with the apartment's prime location which offers an abundance of public transit options and nearby attractions. There’s no traditional living room within the space, yet the apartment is designed for absolute comfort and functionality. The welcoming bedroom lures you in for downtime or a peaceful night's sleep. Apartment Christine 3 ensures a stay that marries both function and form, offering an urban retreat stripped from excess and saturated with comfort. Here, tranquility and relaxation are the orders of the day. So, pack your bags and experience the wonders of Umag while being enveloped in the cosy comfort of Apartment Christine 3.


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  Zadarska ulica 7, 52470 Umag, Croatia

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